The island of Spektran

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Spektran is a lone island in the ocean, north of the Isle of Deeds and south of Buccaneer's Den. Despite its isolated location, the island had a rich history.

During the time of Ultima IV, the island had not formed yet, but the Bell of Courage could be found in its shallow waters. By Ultima V, the island had filled in and become a low lying swampy atoll, housing the lone hut of Sutek the mage. In Ultima VI, the island remained swampy, but the final resting place of Captain Hawkins could be found buried there.

Finally, in Ultima VII, the island had lost its shallow swamps, and come to house a single building, the strong stone fort of the mad "Sultan of Spektran". Martingo, a crazy, but harmless man, thinking himself to be a king had come to own his own island. It is unknown whether the name Spektran is an invention of Martingo, or if had been the name of the island since ages past.

The island was gone Ultima IX, a victim of the Great Cataclysm.

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U5 Spektran

Spektran in Ultima V

The wise Seeker will be certain to visit the archmage Sutek, whose knowledge it was that enabled us elsewhere describe the Shards of Mondain. The enigmatic young mage has chosen to pursue his studies in a place of distant isolation from the world's troubles, on a small, swampy island in the southern midst of the Great Sea.

- from Paths of Destiny (Ultima V)

The sparse isle of Spektran is ruled by the notorious Sultan of Spektran. The sultan is renowned for his unfriendliness to outsiders, and Spektran is not recommended to travellers.

- from The Book of Fellowship (Ultima VII)

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