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Space Travel (sometimes referred to as "Starwalking"), the journey to other worlds, might sound unbelievable to an inhabitant of Britannia. In the warped timelines of Ultima I and Ultima II, however, technological anachronisms had appeared that made space travel a reality.

Ultima I[]

The void above and around Sosaria has other stars and starbases with other starwalking vehicles. The wizard Mondain allies with savage monsters who would come to Sosaria with their vehicles devastating its lands. The knowledge about how to starwalk was perhaps known in ancient Sosaria but forgotten, although an arcane manuscript was discovered on the foothills of Mt. Drash that contained instructions on how to operate a vehicle, incomprehensible even to the scholars who translated it.

Docking in space in Ultima I

In the First Age of Darkness, it was possible (although expensive) to buy Modern Transportation from shops around the Realm, and launch into outer space with a necessary armour to protect the traveler. The Stranger used this unusual method of travel to reach a space station, where two classes of starfighters were available, each with different levels of fuel and shielding. The Stranger headed out to different sectors and battled Mondain's alien allies to become a "space ace."

The Stranger had to shoot down 20 enemy fighters in a dogfight to achieve this feat. Again docking, the Stranger then returned to Sosaria with the shuttle.

Ultima II[]

Ultima II hyperwarp

In the Second Age of Darkness, the Stranger could use a rocket in the time of 2112 A.D. Aftermath to travel to the various planets of the Terran Solar System. This time, reflect armour or power armour was needed; after entering the XYZ coordinates, each hyperjump of the rocket would use up one Tri-Lithium.

Compared to the previous age, guiding the rocket was simple: The coordinates were entered, and the rocket would travel to the corresponding destination. The problem was actually landing the rocket, which could only be done on grass, otherwise it would crash and explode.

The rocket was needed to travel to Planet X and then return to Earth.


Should a champion emerge from the mists of legend, the means by which to combat this menace from the sky will appear -- so say the prophets. The legends which foretell of this hero include a number of writings and several ballads sung by the bards of our realm. Among the more recent discoveries pertaining to the coming of the starwalkers is an arcane manuscript, found on the foothills of Mt. Drash. Since it appears to hold instructions for the use of some form of transport, it has been broadcast throughout the land in hopes that it might prove useful to one engaged in the quest to rid Sosaria of Mondain.

- from The First Age of Darkness (Ultima I)

Your journey will inevitably lead you into outer space. Special attire is needed to successfully travel through the solar system. While this map shows the limits of known space, don't be afraid to search for new worlds.

- from The Second Age of Darkness (Ultima II)