Sosaria is the pre Ultima IV name for the continent later known as Britannia. Once it was a world of four continents, before disaster befell it.

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A map of Sosaria Ultima III

Before the land of Britannia was formed by the great cataclysm, it was known as Sosaria -- a large land, with many feuding city states. Because of this continual conflict, the land grew bitter and warlike.

Sosaria once consisted of four continents: The Lands of Lord British, The Lands of the Dark Unknown, The Lands of the Feudal Lords, and the Lands of Danger and Despair (later known as the Serpent Isle). When Mondain the wizard was defeated in Ultima I, the world was sundered apart, and the other three continents thought lost. The Lands of Lord British, vastly changed by this event, were now simply called Sosaria.

It wasn't until The Third Age of Darkness that Sosaria's people were united, through the common threat known as Exodus. When the The Stranger (who would later be called The Avatar) destroyed Exodus, Sosaria was rocked by the great cataclysm, completely reforming the continent once again. Through the guidance of Lord British, the people rebuilt the shattered land into the splendor that is now Britannia.

A more detailed record of this part of history can be found at History of Britannia.



Sosaria before being sundered apart


Detailed view of Sosaria, Ultima III




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