U5 skey Minoc

Finding skull keys in Minoc

Skull keys are a more advanced form of lockpicks. While the common lockpick can only open normal locks, skull keys can also open magically locked crates and doors. They are therefore extremely useful when such a lock has to be opened and the area doesn't allow the casting of the spell Unlock Magic.

Unfortunately, a skull key is only good for a single lock. Nonetheless, these are a must have for every adventurer, because with them even non-magic users can open magic locks.

History Edit

In Ultima V, skull keys were very important for entering Stonegate, and for retrieving Lord British's Crown from the Palace of Blackthorn, since in these areas, magic could not be used.

The only other appearance of a skull key was in Ultima VII. Found on a small island west of Trinsic, it replaced lockpicks, and never broke.


These peculiar keys were recently invented by Shenstone, a skilled smith of Minoc. By a little-known principle of magical absorption, a skull key can reliably open any magically locked door, although it will become a useless piece of steel after one use.

- from Paths of Destiny (Ultima V)

Trivia Edit

They were available in Ultima V from only two locations:

  • A tree stump frequented by Shenstone in Minoc housed new skull keys daily
  • From Kristi at Serpent's Hold. It is possible to get more than 5 keys from Kristi. So long as you never give her your name, you can keep asking her for keys.
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