Sin Vraal's hut

Approaching Sin'Vraals hut

U5 Sin Vraal's hut

Map of Sin'Vraal's hut in Ultima V

Far to Britannia's northeast, in the southern section of the Drylands, lies the lone hut of Sin'Vraal.

Here, the gargoyle, freed from his servitude to the Shadowlord Astaroth by Lord British, tries to live a life of peace and solitude. Sin'Vraal remained here alone during the time of Ultima V and Ultima VI, desiring little to do with the outside world. By the time of Ultima VII, his hut had been replaced by the village of Vesper.


A very different sort of character altogether will be found abiding upon the southern reaches of the desert Drylands. The one called Sin'Vraal spins a most inspiring story, though he spins a most fearsome countenance. Listen to him, and know that so long as hope lives, even so does our King.

- from Paths of Destiny (Ultima V)


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