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Sin'Vraal, from Ultima VI
Species: Gargoyle
Ultima VI
Location: Drylands

Although the Avatar believes Sin'Vraal to be a daemon when first meeting him in his Drylands hut at the time of Ultima V, he is actually the first gargoyle the Avatar encounters (gargoyles having never been heard of at this time).

Sin'Vraal told the Avatar in Ultima V that he had once served Astaroth, the Shadowlord of Hatred, until Lord British had taught him the ways of Virtue. Sin'Vraal fled the dark wraith's servitude and found solace in the Drylands of Britannia. This encounter proved an opportunity for the Avatar to not only learn Astaroth's name, but also the location of the Shard of Hatred that spawned him.

Sin'Vraal was officially identified as a gargoyle in Ultima VI. He still lived in his hut in the Drylands, but said nothing of that last meeting. He told the Avatar that he once lived among his people in the Realm of the Gargoyles but, although winged, he lacked the ability to fly. Thus, he had been treated as one of the inferior wingless and was driven to seek refuge in Britannia. Also, when asked about the pirate, Ol' Hawknose, Sin'Vraal revealed that the man had been overwhelmed by giant ants and dragged into the Ant Mound.

Due to his deprived upbringing, the gargoyle was incapable of reading the Book of Prophecies. However, he knew the content from memory when prompted, directing the Avatar to seek passage to his homeland through the dungeon Hythloth and resolve the conflict between their people. He also revealed the capability of flight was required to reach the Shrine of Singularity, thus making the Avatar aware of the need for a hot-air balloon.

Sin'Vraal did not appear after Ultima VI, and the site of his house was replaced by the village of Vesper.


  • In contrast with other gargoyles, Sin'Vraal speaks the Britannian language with perfect syntax.