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Silver Serpents
Silver Serpent
Silver Serpent, from Ultima VII manual
First appearance: Ultima VI
Last appearance: Ultima IX

An especially large serpent, the silver serpent is a fearsome, near-mythical enemy. Thankfully, only a precious few exist, and these have been captured, so that these gigantic reptiles no longer present a constant threat. Silver serpent venom can be milked from these creatures.

First seen in Ultima VI, they were found in the Realm of the Gargoyles, but could also be summoned by using the Silver Horn. In Ultima VII, silver serpents give evidence of their presence in the form of their venom, but do not actually appear. The next time a silver serpent was seen was in Ultima IX (See: Notable examples).



Since the days of ancient Sosaria, the silver serpent has been a part of our lives. Its form has been found etched on tomb walls, and ancient monuments have been found which were crafted in its image. Yet, a recent scouting brigade claims to have seen a dead silver serpent of incredible size near a gargoyle encampment. The scouts observed for a time and, upon their return, reported the gargoyles milked the slain creature of its venom and even ingested the fluid thus derived before entering battle. This ritual act seemed to give the gargoyles a short term increase in aggression and strength, though causing their death in the end. Whether the drinking of venom actually increased the gargoyle's strength is currently the subject of some debate at the Lycaeum.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)

This creature, seen in the symbols of ancient Sosaria, once more holds the fascinations of Britannia. The venom of the silver serpent is reported to have a strange and lasting effect on people. No doubt this shall be the subject of further study.

- from The Book of Fellowship (Ultima VII)

Notable examples[]

  • The only silver serpent left in Britannia in the time of Ultima IX was stolen from the Cathedral of Love in Britain by pirates. The Avatar finds it in Buccaneer's Den, from where he returns it to the cathedral.