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For the add-on disk, see Ultima VII Part Two: The Silver Seed.

A Silver Seed is an acorn of the Tree of Balance. Only once every hundred centuries does the Tree of Balance drop an acorn. When planted, the seed itself germinates, and a new Tree of Balance grows from it. The Avatar's task in Ultima VII Part Two: The Silver Seed was to obtain a Silver Seed from where it was held and plant it, so that a new tree could grow, helping to minimize the impact of the terrible War of Imbalance which swept across the face of the Serpent Isle.

Two Silver Seeds are known of in the time of Serpent Isle: One was the fruit of Elerion, brought from Pagan by Morghrim. When asked about this seed, Morghrim tells the Avatar that unfortunately it was damaged when he fled Pagan, as travel between worlds caused the seed to split, and its magical essence to be destroyed. Not even the Xenkan Monks could heal it.

The Avatar eventually managed to locate the second seed in the time of Serpent's Fang, and from this, Serpent Isle's Tree of Balance is restored. This seed was most likely the fruit of Serpent Isle's previous Tree of Balance.

In Ultima Underworld, a Silver Seed can be found when the Avatar finds a Silver Sapling. Planting the seed causes a sapling to grow, which serves as a resurrection point if the Avatar dies. If the seed hasn't been planted, there is no resurrection scene. The seed can also be used to cheat. For example, it can be thrown across an untraversable chasm or through a locked portcullis, then the player can suicide and will be resurrected on the other side of the chasm/portcullis.