A Signpost

A Signpost normally is only used for informational purposes.

However, in Ultima I, the signposts found in Sosaria had powers to either raise stats or to give equipment. The various kings gave quests to find these signposts, with two signposts on each of the continents. However, each signpost could only be visited again, after visiting a different signpost first.

The eight signposts are:

  • The Pillars of Protection[agility]
  • The Tower of Knowledge[protection]
  • The Sign Post
  • Southern Sign Post
  • The Pillars of the Argonauts
  • The Pillar of Ozymandias
  • Grave of the Lost Soul
  • The Eastern Sign Post

After that time, signposts returned to be purely informational in Ultima II and Ultima V. In later times, they became much more common and were no longer anything special.

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