Editable Codex


The Stone Guardians of the Codex

Located on the south of the Isle of the Avatar, surrounded by high mountains, the Shrine of the Codex is built over former entrance of the Abyss, which is no longer active. Two magical Stone Guardians guard the only entrance to the valley with the shrine, allowing only someone on a sacred quest to enter. Inside the shrine, the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom waits to relay its knowledge.

After the Codex was sent back to the Void, the only way to view the Codex was to use the Lenses, in conjunction with the Flames of Infinity and Singularity.


The Codex was drawn to the surface by the Great Council after Ultima IV. This also caused the Abyss to cease activity. Over the Abyss, the Shrine of the Codex was built.

In Ultima V, the Codex was found there, and only when upon a sacred quest was one allowed to enter its presence. In the end, the Codex gave an important clue to finding Lord British. The Codex was still there in Ultima VI, but in the end, had to be sent back to the Void to bring peace between Gargoyles and Humans.

In Ultima VII the shrine was still present, but as the Codex was no longer within the shrine, stone guardians had ceased to function, allowing everyone to leave and enter as they pleased.


  • For each companion that was executed by Blackthorn during the course of Ultima V, an urn of ashes would be present within the Shrine of the Codex.
  • For some reason the locations of the Shrine of Humility and the Shrine of the Codex were inverted in Ultima VI. They later reverted to their original locations in Ultima VII.

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