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The Zealan Gods

The Shrine of the Ancient Ones is a Zealan Temple deep under the surface, long forgotten by many. Only one entrance exists, from the Catacombs. Inside the Shrine, behind a number of trap systems, puzzles, and a maze, exists a temple with three statues, representation of the three Gods of Emotion: Amoras the God of Love, Apathas the God of Balance, and Odion the God of Anger. Behind them lies the tomb of Khumash-Gor, the greatest warrior in all of Pagan.

In was here, where the Avatar met the Gods. After defeating Khumash-Gor and retrieving the Obelisk Tip, the Avatar was told, how to leave Pagan.

The Zealan Ceremony Shield and the Skull of Quakes can be found within the Shrine.

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