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The Shrine of Humility

Far from civilization and nestled between the mountains of the Isle of the Avatar lies the Shrine of Humility, accessible only by ship. With local volcanic activity falling dormant and other dangerous presences becoming scarce, the Isle has ultimately proved to be a peaceful location for the shrine.

The meditating traveler has to chant the mantra, "Lum," to find the ways of Humility.


Erected before the Quest of the Avatar, the Shrine of Humility was difficult to reach in Ultima IV and was also guarded by hordes of daemons. Meditating at the Shrine gave insight into Humility and elevated the Stranger to partial Avatarhood.

In Ultima V, the Avatar had to prevent the lackeys of Lord Blackthorn from destroying it. The Shrine sent the Avatar on a quest to the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom to understand the true meaning of Humility. Later, it accepted donations for karma.

By the time of Ultima VI, it had been captured by gargoyles. The Avatar was able to liberate it and again receive enlightenment in Humility.

There was little of note about the Shrine of Humility in Ultima VII.

In Ultima IX, it was found submerged beneath the waves near New Magincia instead of its traditional location on the Isle of the Avatar. While Katrina mentioned that there had been some geographic upheaval since the Avatar's last visit to Britannia, there was no real explanation as to why it had moved or been reconstructed there. Nevertheless, the Avatar was able to restore the Shrine to the surface, using it to access the underwater gargoyle city of Ambrosia.


  • For some reasons the locations of the Shrine of Humility and the Shrine of the Codex were inverted in Ultima VI. The later reverted to their original locations in Ultima VII.
  • While there is no explanation in-game for the sudden appearance of the Shrine of Humility on the isle of New Magincia in Ultima IX, this was most likely a design decision in order to have all the related elements of each region of the game close to one another.

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