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The Shine of Balance

Deep under the ice-covered Sunrise Isle lies the great Shrine of Balance, also known as the Grand Shrine of Balance, or simply the Grand Shrine. Built by the Ophidians, it was the most important location in their religion. It was here where the Great Hierophant, the only person allowed into the inner sanctum, would counsel with the three serpents by using the Wall of Lights to travel into the void.

At the end of the War of Imbalance, the shrine fell into the darkness of history, until the Avatar entered it to restore balance to the universe. After managing the first test, sorting out six symbols of chaos and order, the Avatar was allowed into the outer complex. There, the hero had to gather cubes of chaos and order to activate a teleporter to a shrine in the void, where the Serpent Artifacts allowed the Avatar to become the next Great Hierophant. In the inner chamber, the Order Serpent tried to stop the Avatar one final time, but failed. Balance was restored by activating the Wall of Lights, placing the Eyes of the Serpent in front of the statue of the Great Earth Serpent, and then destroyed the statue with the Ophidian Sword, thus returning the Great Earth Serpent to the void, thereby restoring Balance and drawing the Avatar into the void.

Shrine of Balance, overview


  • Once you enter the shrine there will be no return, as the bridge will collapse behind the party.

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