Sherry the Mouse
Sherry the Mouse, from Ultima VII
Species: Mouse
Ultima VII
Location: Castle Britannia
Sherry the Mouse is a speaking Mouse living in Castle Britannia, an equal to the Humans in the castle.

The Avatar first met her in Ultima VI, where she used to give Lord British good-night stories every evening, roaming the castle in her free time. The Avatar needed her help to get the Rune of Valor in Jhelom.

The Avatar met her again in Ultima VII, where she now was a big help in the royal nursery, keeping the children entertained and watching over them. She told the Avatar some good stories but otherwise was unable to help. She wasn't seen after this time, only mentioned in Ultima Underworld II, that she was away with the children during the festival.

Trivia Edit

  • In Ultima VI, if Sherry dies no healer can resurrect her. But the Avatar can do it with the 8th level spell Resurrect. Oddly enough, it can be a great archer (starts with 27 DEX) and can move freely on the floor without blocking other NPCs.
  • In the fan-patch for Ultima IX: Ascension, it is mentioned that she died in the war against the Guardian.
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