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At the east end of the Northern Forest on Serpent Isle lies Shamino's Castle. In Ultima I, the Stranger visited Shamino, ruler over half of the Lands of Danger and Despair, to help him and receive an very important gem. Shortly later, Shamino left for the Lands of Lord British, and was unable to return when the world was thundered apart. Beatrix, his love, died of a broken heart when the Goblins laid siege to the castle shortly later. After the Goblins had sacked the castle, it became forgotten.

In Ultima VII Part Two, the Avatar had tracked Batlin and Cantra to the castle. Inside, Beatrix' spirit attacked Shamino, while Batlin's henchmen were at large. But it was too late, Batlin had killed Cantra to extract the Bane from her. After these events, the castle was left in peace.


  • One of the most unusual things in the castle is a haunted stove, attacking the party with bursts of fire. (Maybe an homage to Disney's "Beauty and the Beast, where the cook becomes a stove?)

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