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Dungeon Type: Cave
Opposes the Virtue: Honor
Word of Power: INFAMA


The entrance to Shame

Dungeon Shame. Located on the shore of Lost Lake west of Britain, it was once a gold mine which the miners had fled when monsters invaded it. Shame has since regressed to its original state as a cave system. The place is dangerous, holding the remains of countless miners and populated by headless, corpsers, and other monsters which have made it their home. Traps make scouting the dungeon very dangerous. Teleporters can confuse the careless adventurer, and the right way is not always the obvious one.

These dangers make Shame a difficult and dangerous place, which only more experienced adventurers should enter as all others will surely perish in Shame because of the traps and monsters in it.


Ultima IV[]

The Anti-Honor Dungeon of Shame was first entered in Ultima IV. The Purple Stone was found in it, an the magic orb in it gave the good experience boosts and it connected to two of the Altar Rooms. It was, however, hard to reach. After the end of the Quest of the Avatar, the Great Council sealed the dungeon, to lock in the horrors in it.

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Ultima V[]

The mine started to decay in Ultima V, when Shame again was visited. The Avatar yelled the Word of Power "INFAMA", learned from Sindar, to open the entrance. It connected to the Underworld, where the only entrance to dungeon Doom was.

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Ultima VI[]

In Ultima VI, Old Ybarra was missing in Shame, and the Avatar found him there, to get his part of the map.

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Ultima VII[]

The caves of Shame

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While only few monsters call these caves their home, Shame is dangerous because of another fact: It is the worst maze in all of Britannia, with many locked doors, teleporters, false leads and dead ends. Many a warrior had descended into this cave system, only to never return from it, having starved to death in its depths after getting lost in the maze.

The Avatar entered Shame in Ultima VII to loot it, finding the mage Garok Al-Mat in the process, and helped him out of the dungeon.

In Ultima VII, the locations for Shame and Despise are inverted on the world map.

Ultima IX[]

Dungeon Shame is full of logic puzzles and serves as proving ground for the Paladins of Trinsic. It does provide you a confrontation with Blackthorn over the Chalice of Honor though. The Wyrmguard Eve guarding the column is the hardest creature in Britannia to kill.

In Ultima IX, Shame is swapped again, but this time with Destard.

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Some say the Mine known as Shame was closed because of the Lost River's frequent flooding of its upper levels, but others spin fanciful stories about strange, tiny elf-like beings in green suits who would scurry up from the depths and pilfer the miners' supplies, leaving them to starve to death. Whatever their reasons, Britannian miners long ago abandoned Shame to the creatures of the night.

- from Paths of Destiny (Ultima V)

On the outskirts of the honorable city of Trinsic lies the Dungeon of Shame. The Paladins of the fair city used Shame as a proving ground for acolytes, and many were lost in this fortress of traps and puzzles. Pom of Paws, a Paladin elder, negotiated the depths of Shame and returned with the Chalice of Honor, which has since disappeared. Many suspected that it had been spirited back into the dungeon, yet none volunteers to retrieve it. For, the forces of evil have twisted yet again the traps and illusions herein. Among the Paladins, the Dungeon of Shame has spread its disease, as their code of ethics mocks them who cringe in fear of this place.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)

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