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Using a sextant together with a map in Ultima VII

A scene from the "Exodus"-manga, where a sextant is used

With this tool and a map of Britannia divided into longitude and latitude, it is possible to calculate a party's exact geographic position with the help of the sun or the stars, preventing them from becoming lost. It can even help while in the deep wilderness or lost at sea, where peer gems are useless. The sextant obviously won't work under roofs or in caves.

The sextant first appeared in Ultima IV, but it could only be bought in a guild shop when asking for item "D", which was not listed. In Ultima V, the sextant could be obtained from David in the lighthouse, Greyhaven, after first getting information from Buccaneer's Den. By Ultima VI, it was a standard item and could be bought from the lensmaker in Moonglow. The sextant also made an appearance in Martian Dreams, found amongst the other items in the space cannon. In Ultima VII, shipbuilders sold them, and for the first time they were usable with a map to automatically show a party's position. They were little changed Ultima VII Part Two and Ultima IX.


The sextant is a vital instrument for navigation in the open seas. However, many important places on land as well are referred to in maps and guides by latitude and longitude coordinates, making a sextant a standard item of equipment for any serious traveler.

- from Paths of Destiny (Ultima V)


  • There are also golden sextants, which function identically. One can be found in the harbour building of Minoc.