Editable Codex

The magic of Serpent Isle is very similar Britannian magic, including the use of spellbooks, reagents and words of power. However, there do exist several differences and additions.

Spell Scrolls[]

Spell Scrolls

Spell scrolls are single-use magic spells. Looking at a scroll reveals the spell written on it. Once used, the scroll burns to ashes, and the spell is lost. However, with the transcribe spell, the scrolls can be copied into the spellbook, and thus the spell can be used at any time, as often as necessary. After a spell is transcribed, any surplus scrolls can be used to avoid using mana or reagents.


All spells require reagents. These chemical substances act as a link between the physical world of the spellcaster and the ethereal waves of magic. Each can be found in specific places, or brought from other mages who earn money with the selling of reagents, although the Ring of Reagents can eliminate the need of looking for reagents. Reagents must be prepared in a special manner before they can be used to cast spells.

In addition to the Britannian reagents, which are not listed here, there are special reagents only used on Serpent Isle, including:

Blood Spawn[]


This reagent is formed in quite an unusual way. Stoneheart, the red rock collected from stalagmites, must be crushed and then combined with the blood of the caster! Blood spawn is an additive reagent that enhances the power of several inner circle offensive spells. Needless to say, perhaps, this reagent is not one to be bought and sold.

- from Beyond the Serpent Pillars (Ultima VII Part Two)

Serpent Scales[]

Spells gleaned from the serpent ruins require a peculiar reagent, serpent scales. However, untreated snake scales are useless, and the ancient method of preparation has been lost. The only known supply of this ancient reagent is within the serpent ruins themselves.

- from Beyond the Serpent Pillars (Ultima VII Part Two)

Worm Heart[]

This reagent, cut from the innards of the ice worms, is useful to a variety of unusual spells, often allowing enchantments involving snow or cold.

- from Beyond the Serpent Pillars (Ultima VII Part Two)

Other Reagents[]

Other reagents are mentioned as being used, especially by the ancient Ophidians. These include Agnium, Serpentinium and Zerine, which were used to create serpent lamps.

Words of Power[]

The spoken syllables of magic needed to invoke the spell.

In addition to the common Britannian words of power, which are not listed here, there is one special word of power only used in Serpent Isle.


Used to invoke cold. Replaces Flam in many spells, which results in a blue flame that deals cold damage.

Special Spells[]

There are a number of spells on Serpent Isle, which have no equivalent in Britannia. Also, the system is slightly different. Instead of 8 circles, there are 9 circles of spells. Although, there are no linear spells on Serpent Isle. This is a list of these unique spells.

Reagent Codes:

  • Black Pearl: BP
  • Blood Moss: BM
  • Blood Spawn: BS
  • Garlic: GA
  • Ginseng: GS
  • Mandrake Root: MR
  • Nightshade: NS
  • Serpent Scales: SC
  • Spider Silk: SS
  • Sulfurous Ash: SA
  • Worm Heart: WH
Spell Circle Reagents Words of Power Description
False Coin 2nd NS SA REL YLEM If used on one stack of coins, it creates five more of the same value.
Cold Blast 2nd BP SA WH VAS FRIO Throws an iceball at the enemy.
Columna's Intuition 3rd BP GA WIS JUX YLEM Identifies possible sources of danger.
Translation 3rd BP MR SS SA REL WIS Translates runic or Ophidian writing to the Latin alphabet.
Deter 4th GA SS AN XEN JUX Makes animals lose the will to attack the spellcaster.
Flash 4th MR SA IN VA LOR Blinds all enemies, making them stop attacking.
Transcribe 4th BP SS REL ORT WIS Transcribes a spell scroll into the spellbook.
Erstam's Surprise 5th BP GA MR SA UUS VAS GRAV Attacks enemies in various ways.
Betray 6th BP NS SS AN XEN EX Makes foes turn against each other.
Dispel Illusion 6th GA MR NS AN QUAS Destroys any kind of illusion.
Cold Strike 6th BM BP WH SA VAS IN FRIO GRAV Creates a cold field at the feet of a foe.
Create Missile 6th BM GS SA IN JUX YLEM Creates ammunition for bows or crossbows.
Create Automaton 6th MR SA SS SC IN ORT XEN Repairs a broken automaton.
Vibrate 7th BP BM MR SS AN GRAV EX Empties the pockets of the target (meaning pickpocket).
Create Ice 8th WH SS IN FRIO Creates a block of ice, enclosing the foe or building a barrier.
Mind Blast 8th BS BP NS SA CORP POR Causes a lethal death bolt to strike one foe.
Fetch 8th BM BP MR POR YLEM Brings an object to the caster, even through walls.
Invoke Snow Serpent 8th BM GA SS WH SC KAL FRIO XEN Calls a snow serpent to help in battle.
Serpent Bond 8th BM BP GA SS WH SC KAL FRIO XEN EX Turns the caster temporarily into a serpent.
Firesnake 8th BP BM MR NS KAL VAS FRIO GRAV A literal flamethrower.
Spiral Missile 9th BM BS BP NS SA UUS VAS JUX YLEM Shoots lethal bolts at multiple targets.
Imbalance 9th NS SA WH SC KAL VAS AN GRAV Causes real destruction in the area.
Chill 3rd GA GS WH REL FRIO MANI Negates effects of extreme heat in Furnace and other hot places.
Create Soul Prism 4th BM GA MR SC SS SA AN MANI EX Creates a soul prism.
Summon Shade 5th BM MR NS SS SA KAL WIS CORP Makes it possible to talk with the dead.


I write this down for the edification of no one, for I doubt I will wish these words to reach anyone's eyes save mine. However, as I have already noted, posterity is a strong motivator. Therefore shall I document a layman's version of the study of magic.

As an interesting note, some of my earlier spells no longer function here in the new land. Interestingly enough, I have discovered differing spells on the Serpent Isle that perform similarly, in addition to spells of entirely new natures with unique reagents and words of power. I expect the colder climate has much to do with this difference, as freezing temperatures are far more hazardous here than fire is. Perhaps, too, this relates to the still unknown culture that predates our presence here. Alas, it may be several lifetimes before we learn the truth about their disappearance.

- from Beyond the Serpent Pillars (Ultima VII Part Two)