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Serpent's Hold

Situated on the Isle of Deeds, east of the Cape of Heroes, the fortress of Serpent's Hold stands as a building symbolizing the principle of Courage. Its mighty walls strengthen the courage of its fighters and allies, while putting fear into the hearts of the enemies of the keep. The Order of the Silver Serpent has the command over the fortress, and adventurers of all kind are welcome to test their skill in a sparring match.

The fighters of Serpent's Hold are the best in all of Britannia, and train many recruits in the ways of fighting and war. Also the best weapons and armour are produced at Serpent's Hold. Serpent's Hold is also known to house the Eternal Flame of Courage and the Bell of Courage, two items of high symbolical value. As long as Serpent's Hold stands, Britannia will defend itself from every kind of threat.


Serpent's Hold was built before Ultima IV. According to Lord Malone in Ultima V, Lord British entrusted the area of the kingdom to his great-grandfather Sir Percy for clearing the local countryside of dragons several decades earlier. Throughout the ages, Serpent's Hold didn't change much. In Ultima V, one of the Shadowlords was defeated there. After that time, some functions were outsourced to buildings around the fortress, but otherwise, Serpent's Hold stayed the same in Ultima VI and Ultima VII.

In Ascension, Serpent's Hold has been destroyed by the Guardian. What remains has sunk beneath the waves. The remains house the Bell of Courage which is protected by a female fighter named Lyssa.


The headquarters for the Order of the Silver Serpent is on an island south of the Cape of Heroes. This wooded fortress was given to the members of the Order by Lord British in recognition of their outstanding service. A visit to Serpent Castle will instill within the traveler a true feeling for the ways of chivalry.

- from The History of Britannia (Ultima IV)

Staunchly guarding the deep harbor of the Isle of Deeds, itself bulwarked by mountains and streams, the Serpent's Hold stands as a monument to the Courage of all those who fight for good. In this stronghold are gymnasiums to hone thy body and training fields on which to hone thy battle skills. Here also are healers to tend thy wounds, and sunny strands to heal thy soul. And finally here too are comrades in arms sharing stories of Honour, Valor, triumph, and restraint.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

A bastion of Honor, Valor and triumph, Serpent's Hold is the castle headquarters of the Order of the Silver Serpent and the training center for Britannia's armed militia. Many noble and brave warriors have set forth in our defense from this garrison on the Isle of Deeds. The most skilled of these warriors, grizzled veterans all, have selflessly returned to instruct the new recruits in the ways of attack and defense. Recently, a dozen squads of the finest from Serpent's Hold went out to attack the camps of the invading gargoyles. Few returned to tell about it.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)

This opulent castle fortress is home of the Honorable Order of the Silver Serpent, the training camp for the armed militiamen of Britannia. Here fighting men learn more than just the martial arts. They are taught Honor and Valor as well. Instruction in the ways of the warrior may be obtained and one may purchase reliable weapons, armour and provisions here. The Meditation Retreat of The Fellowship is located on an island east of Serpent's Hold.

- from The Book of Fellowship (Ultima VII)


Ultima IV[]

Map of Serpent's Hold in Ultima IV

Ultima V[]

Ultima VI[]

Map of Serpent's Hold in Ultima VI

Ultima VII[]

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