Seeker, from The Chronicle of Pagan
Only appearance: Ultima VIII

Seekers are abominations. A big, floating eye, connected to a mouth with sharp teeth through a thick, red membrane. Created by magical experiments before recorded history, they are a danger to everyone and everything. Seekers don't eat, and aren't eaten. Their only purpose of existence is to attack and kill everything they see with their single, big eye. Even in death, it mocks life, by exploding into shrapnel. Adventurers should avoid seekers.

Seeker can be found in the wilderness as well as in dungeons. They are only found in Pagan.

Lore Edit

The seeker is nothing more than an abomination of nature. One large eye floats about connected to a huge, snapping mouth via a thick red membrane. It is hoped that this creature is the result of a magical concoction, but others claim that seekers are the living remains of the Destroyer, as foretold by the one who called himself the Guardian.

The seeker seems to be neither herbivore nor carnivore - no one has ever seen it eat. The creature simply hovers about until it sights a target and then launches into a furious assault of gnashing teeth. Yet no scholar has ever been able to explain the seeker's sole purpose of wanton destruction. It does not eat, and yet nothing eats it. Even in death the seeker mocks other life, exploding into myriad of sharp bone and cartilage that can be fatal to those caught within the radius of its devastating blast.

- from The Chronicle of Pagan (Ultima VIII)


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