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The Scintillus Academy is a forgotten place, after the Guardian devastated the world in which it was located.

A note found in the Academy reveals some hint as to what befell the place:

"This is now the fifth straight day that I have detected an interdimensional disturbance in the ether. Judging from the proportional increases. I am now surer than ever that something monstrously powerful is fast approaching our planet. The council has thus far refused to acknowledge the import of my observations, but I am convinced that we are potentially in grave danger."

The Avatar visited the underground chambers of this long-forgotten mage school in Ultima Underworld II. Learning from a cowardly mage of the final exam, the final and most dangerous test for learning mages, the Avatar accepted the challenge. Mastering the final exam, the Avatar then broke into the vault of the academy, which was built into the Ethereal Void, and found the Blackrock Gem, before cutting the Guardian's power from this place.

Elster describes the Scintillus Academy thus: "'Tis a test full of unspeakable dangers, or so I have heard. Students who complete nine years of study at the Academy are given the option to take the final exam. Of those who choose, some pass and are awarded their degrees as Full Mages. The less fortunate are mailed home to their families in large envelopes."

The tests of the Academy's final exam are:

  • Section One: Lateral Reasoning
  • Section Two: Equilibrium and Non-local Causality
  • Section Two, Part Two: Synchronization
  • Section Three: Psychokinesis and Terraforming
  • Section Four: Spatial Reasoning
  • Section Five: Effects and Constraints
  • Section Six: Risk Avoidance
  • Section Seven: Nonreversible Effects


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