Lord British's Sceptre (with other crown jewels)


Lord British's sceptre within Stonegate

The Sceptre of Lord British, one of the three Royal Crown Jewels, is a powerful magical artifact. This powerful tool dispels any kind of magical force field, even the walls of the Shadowlords in dungeon Doom.

The sceptre was left behind in Castle Britannia while Lord British was lost in the Underworld. Chuckles attempted to save the sceptre from Lord Blackthorn by giving it to a trusted knight to carry it to safety. Sadly, while in Trinsic, a Shadowlord stole the sceptre. The Shadowlords, fearing its power, stored it in their keep Stonegate. It was there, where the Avatar found it, guarded by deadly traps, the daemon Balinor, and even the Shadowlords themselves. Only with the sceptre was it possible to traverse Doom. It was not seen again in later games, but likely remained with Lord British.


When the Royal Jester Chuckles discovered that His Majesty's Crown was missing, he ordered steps taken to protect the only remaining Crown Jewel, he dispatched an emissary to carry the fabulous golden Sceptre of Lord Malone of Serpent's Hold, knowing that there it would be safe. Along the way, the unfortunate emissary passed through the towne of Trinsic. While there, he was waylaid by a Shadowlord who relived him of his treasure and immediately departed, leaving the shaken knight completely unharmed. Rumours now abound that the Sceptre, a relic of unimaginable power that can cut a path through any magical or ethereal barriers, is held in Stonegate, the earthly keep of the Shadowlords.

- from Paths of Destiny (Ultima V)

Trivia Edit

  • If a Shadowlord attacks the party while in possession of the sceptre, the Shadowlord steals it.
  • It acts like the dispel field spell, but does not require mana.
  • It's impossible to retrieve the sceptre from Stonegate without the magic carpet due to deadly pitfalls.

Ultima V: LazarusEdit

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In Ultima V: Lazarus the sceptre serves a similar purpose, although it can be retrieved from Stonegate without the help of the magical carpet.

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