The hiding place of the Sandalwood Box

The Sandalwood Box is a magically sealed box that can only be opened by a few. It is in the possession of Lord British, who uses it to store his most prized possessions.

Prior to Ultima V, Lord British stored his Orb of the Moons in the box, hiding it behind a secret wall in his bedroom. The Avatar found and took possession of it by playing "Stones" on the harpsichord in his Lord's chambers. Later, in Dungeon Doom, Lord British opened the box to use the Orb of the Moons to escape from the dungeon through a red moongate.

In Ultima IX, the Sandalwood Box contained the Ankh of Spirituality, and again had to be opened by playing the song, "Stones".


One of Lord British's most privately guarded possessions, this small wooden box has belonged to His Majesty since the days before he was King. Those few who have glimpsed it swear that is has neither key nor keyhole. Of its contents none can say, save to advance the obvious notion that it holds some treasure of extraordinary value. At any rate, it appears to be most diligently sought-after by members of the Oppression. Sir Kenneth, last seen near the lighthouse Greyhaven, unwittingly holds the knowledge that leads to the Box's location.

- from Paths of Destiny (Ultima V)

Trivia Edit

  • An attempt to use the Sandalwood Box in Ultima V results in the Avatar asking, "How?"

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