Sand Traps
Sand Trap, from Ultima V manual
Only appearance: Ultima V

Only a hungry mouth and tentacles can be seen of this creature in the sand, but it is already enough to be a warning not to come any nearer. The Sand Trap is a horrible foe, strong in offensive and defensive. Their biggest weakness is their immobility, but they often make up for this by placing themselves at narrow passages. However, should a Sand Trap be slain, big treasures await the hero.

Sand Traps only exist in dungeons and the desert.


Sand traps burrowing in the sand are nearly impossible to notice, but a party passing too close to one is in for trouble. Strong and agile, these desert monsters strike out at anything that comes near their hiding places, and they hit very hard. They are also very hardy, and their endurance has meant the demise of more that one adventurer. When a sand trap is overcome, however, generous treasure is revealed in the sand.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

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