A dishonored, masterless samurai, the Ronin wander the Tokuno Islands

Masters in the arts of Bushido, they can quickly dismount an assailant. Using various weapons and special moves, they will challange any combatant to the death.

In the beginning it seems that they are very severe, but in due course get used to them:))Arrange the house in a location where they go and raise money


Ronin Statistics
Spawn Locations Field of Echoes, Fan Dancer Dojo Entrance, Bushido Dojo Fan Dancer Dojo level-2
Fame Level 4 Slayer Vulnerability None
Karma Level 4 Alignment Evil
First Seen Samurai Empire 2004 Pack Instinct None
Gold 800-1000 Magic Items
Special Book of Bushido, Weapons, Armor, Gems Cut Up None
Strength Hit Points
Dexterity Stamina
Intelligence Mana
Barding Difficulty Not affected by barding skills Taming Difficulty Not tameable
Base Damage Preferred Foods
Wrestling Poisoning
Tactics Magery
Resisting Spells Evaluating Intelligence
Anatomy Meditation
Special Dismount, Special Moves
Resists and Damage
Types Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy

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