A curious form of armour seen only briefly in Britannia, ring mail was used most commonly during the events of Ultima V. At a weight of 4 stones, it was lighter than scale armour (at 6 stones), but heavier than leather (2 stones). Its protective value was also between these two armour types, with a defensive value of 3, compared to 2 for leather and 4 for scale.

For unknown reasons, ring mail fell mostly out of use after Ultima V, perhaps because upgrading from leather to scale or even chain was more practical. It was last encountered in Ultima VI and afterwards vanished.

Trivia Edit

  • Ring mail is not mentioned in the Ultima V manual amongst the other armour types, although Shamino begins the game with a set in his possession.
  • Historically speaking, use of the term "mail" for this armour may have been a misnomer, since it is usually applied only when rings interlock (as seen in chain mail). See ring mail on wikipedia for more historical information.
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