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Rhiannon is the name of the world once ruled by Praecor Loth. The Guardian's troops from Killorn Keep invaded the land to conquer it and succeeded centuries ago, when Praecor Loth was killed by Lord Thibris. Since then, the Guardian has been the master of that world.


The Tomb of Praecor Loth[]

A location the Avatar can visit in Ultima Underworld II, the tomb is a vast and deadly maze built to protect the resting place of Praecor Loth, as well as the resting place of his people and treasures. The greatest treasure was the Horn of Praecor Loth, and the Guardian had sent many of his followers to their deaths trying to attain it. Also located in the vault was the old Killorn Banner.

The tomb is built into a cliffside located a thousand miles north of the capital of the world of Rhiannon. Many Ultima fans mistakenly believe that the Tomb of Praecor Loth is located on the same world as Killorn Keep, though we can see this is not true from the dialogue of Lord Thibris:

Tell me of the Loth campaign: "I never tire of this story! Though 'twas centuries ago, I still remember it as my greatest triumph!"

Centuries ago? How is this possible?: "Well, yes, er, it seems that on different worlds time runs differently ... or perhaps I just age differently, or something. I never quite understood."

A map, divided into eight parts which were hidden on the first floor the tomb, held hints to the third level maze.



  • Though the third level map was broken into eight fragments, only seven are recoverable. The fragment of the map covering the southeast of level 3 is lost in the cave in of the northwest spoke of level 1 according to the cluebook.

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