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Needed for the spell are reagents. These chemical substances are needed as a link between the physical world of the spellcaster and the ethereal waves of magic. Each of them can be found in specific places, or bought from other mages, who earn money with the selling of reagents. Reagents have to be prepared in a special manner, before they can be used to cast any spells.

These reagents are in use since Ultima IV, where the magic system was altered significantly, and became more complex . Since then, the reagents have stayed the same, and appeared in every installment in Britannia.

The eight reagents of Britannia are:

Ultima IV[]

These then are the eight mystic reagents used in the weaving of enchantments. Some are readily available, while others are costly or must be hunted and harvested by the mage that intends to use them. Guard well your supply of these magical components, for without them there can be no magic. Use them wisely, as ye must use the forces that they unleash. Remember that Magic is to be used only for the cause of righteousness and for the greater good. Should you use the mystic arts for personal gain or vengeance, be prepared for the desertion of your powers.

- from The Book of Mystic Wisdom (Ultima IV)

Sold by Margot
Skara Brae
Sold by Sasha
Sold by Shiela
Buccaneer's Den
Sold by Shannon
Black Pearl 9 8 7 1
Blood Moss 6 4 6 9
Garlic 6 9 2 9
Ginseng 5 6 4 7
Mandrake Root Can be found at lat D'G" long L'G" during double new moons.
Nightshade Can be found at lat J'F" long C'O" during double new moons.
Spider Silk 3 6 9 9
Sulphurous Ash 2 2 3 6

Ultima V[]

Reagents are herbs needed for the preparation of magical mixtures. Most are sold in apothecaries; a few are hard to find and require special effort to obtain.

- from The Book of Lore (Ultima V)

Cost /8pcs Cove
Sold by Enlor
Sold by Virden
Sold by Nilrem
Skare Brae
Sold by Toama
Sold by Pendra
Black Pearl 40 x x x
Blood Moss 30 x x x
Garlic 20 x x
Ginseng 20 x x x
Mandrake Root 60 x x x
Nightshade 30 x x x
Spider Silk 30 x x x
Sulfurous Ash 30 x x

Nightshade can also still be found in the deepest Spiritwood (the patch is easy to recognise) while Mandrake Root is still found in the Bloody Plains. Both can be harvested around midnight.

Ultima VI[]

The preparation of a spell's reagents is performed at the moment of spellcasting, thus allowing the chemical reactions to reach their peak even as the appropriate mantra is uttered. Some reagents are relatively common herbs and mineral, available at any magic shop. Others must be sought after diligently, often requiring the mage to travel to distant and inhospitable places in search of an obscure fungus or root.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)

Sold by Rudyom
Sold by Xiao
Deep Forest
Sold by Nicodemus
Skara Brae
Sold by Horance
Sold by Zoltan
Black Pearl 4 3
Blood Moss 3 2 3 3
Garlic 1 3 1 2
Ginseng 2 3 1 1
Mandrake Root 6 5
Nightshade 2 3 2 1
Spider Silk 2 3 1 1 2
Sulphurous Ash 1 3 2 2 3

Savage Empire[]

For reagents in Savage Empire, see Magic in Savage Empire.

Ultima VII[]


The second component required for spellcasting is the proper reagent. These chemical materials serve as a link between the physical world that the mage wishes to affect and the psychic energies of the ethereal waves that the mage is drawing upon to effect that change. Some reagents are relatively common herbs, others are rare and exotic items.

- from The Book of Fellowship (Ultima VII)

Sold by Rudyom
Sold by Nystul
Empath Abbey
Sold by Nicodemus
Sold by Mariah

Sold by
Wis Sur

Sold by Sarpling
Black Pearl 5 10 8 34
Blood Moss 3 6 3 16 2
Garlic 2 1 1
Ginseng 2 4 2 1
Mandrake Root 5 5 7 32
Nightshade 5 6
Spider Silk 3 20
Sulphurous Ash 4 8 25 3

Ultima VII: Part Two[]

Here is the list of known reagents, the physical components necessary to transform matter into magical energy. While useless as individual parts, the various combinations, augmented by chanting and the proper use if a word of power, are quite effective for imbuing a mage with tremendous magical abilities.

- from Beyond the Serpent Pillars (Ultima VII Part Two)

For more information, see Serpent Isle Magic.

Sold by Delphynia
Sold by Harnna
Sold by Pothos
Black Pearl 70 (35) 50 (25)
Blood Moss Can only be found (mostly in swamps).
Blood Spawn Can only be found or made from Stoneheart.
Garlic 15 (9) 8 (4) for 3 8 (5)
Ginseng 20 (11) 9 (5) for 2
Mandrake Root 65 (35) 75 (45)
Nightshade 25 (13)
Serpent Scales Can only be found (mostly in ancient ruins).
Spider Silk 35 (19)
Sulphurous Ash 36 (20)
Worm Heart 100 (60)
  • All prices represented as "asking price (minimum price)".
  • Prices are filari, monetari, and guilders respectively.
  • Note that the Ring of Reagents makes all reagents obsolete.
  • The Mandrake Root you purchase is not fresh.

Ultima VIII[]

For reagents in Ultima VIII, see Pagan Magic.

Ultima IX[]

During travel throughout Britannia, a disciplined mage must always search for reagents. Among common magic shops, you can find the base reagents. Rarer types are hoarded and require patience to find. A forgotten shop or forlorn peak may reveal a secret supply

- from Spellbook (Ultima IX)

Sold by Grond
Sold by Nico
Buccaneer's Den
Sold by Warrick
Sold by Elena*
Sold by Phillipa
Black Pearl 200 300/220 100
Blood Moss 140 210/150 140
Garlic 50 100 150/110 100
Ginseng 50 100 150/110 100
Mandrake Root 200 675/500
Nightshade Can not be bought, only found.
Spider Silk 100 150/110
Sulphurous Ash 100 150/110
  • Elena's prices are pre- and post-cleanse
  • Reagents can also be summoned using the spell "Create Reagents". Reagent summoned depends on the terrain the Avatar is standing upon.
Grass: blood moss, garlic, ginseng, or spider silk
Dirt: blood moss, garlic, or ginseng
Forest: spider silk, nightshade, blood moss, garlic, or ginseng
Sand: black pearl
Rock: sulfurous ash
Lava: sulfurous ash
Saltwater: black pearl
Swamp: spider silk, blood moss, or mandrake root
Anywhere else: blood moss, garlic, ginseng, or spider silk
  • And "Create Reagents" is not working (because of bug): Only black pearl can be summoned wherever you standing!

Britannian Black PearlBlood MossGarlicGinsengMandrake RootNightshadeSpider SilkSulfurous Ash