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This article is about the ranger Profession. For other uses, see Ranger (disambiguation).

Magic Ability: 1/2
Bonus: light STR, DEX and INT

The Way of the Ranger

Off the western shore of Britannia lies the fair island of the rangers. Venturing far from their retreat, they are found throughout the realm, though, the mystic forest of Spiritwood or the solemn keep of Empath Abbey, where they pray for enlightenment, are favoured stomping grounds. Guided by the virtue of Spirituality, they seek to improve the conditions off all throughout the land. Rangers are well-versed in woods lore, and are known to fiercely protect what ever forest they call home, but also make an ideal companion in any excursion to the far off reaches of the land. Their Spirituality gives them mystical strength, making them proficient magic users

The solemn rangers of Britannia are skilled in the use of most kinds of weapons, and their familiarity in the ways of magic leave them unafraid of employing arms and armour bound with magical enchantment. Many choose to limit their protection to nothing heavier than leather armour, for the bright glean of sunlight off a polished helm, or the harsh clang of chain in a silent forest oft gives away their position. Despite these disadvantages, some rangers have chosen to employ hardier armour for protecting their bodies.

Rangers are among the Older Professions, and were actually encountered as enemies in Sosaria during Ultima I.

In Ultima IX, the ranger receives a sextant and the key to a chest in Skara Brae as a starting bonus.


  • Shamino is a prime example of a ranger.
  • Tseramed is also a ranger of great skill (although he admits that Shamino is much better).
  • The Rangers of Moonshade under Julia and Ernesto are corrupt and the anti-example to the virtuous ranger.


Off the western shore of the mainland lies the fair island of the Rangers. Venturing far from their retreat at Skara Brae, they strive to improve the conditions of people throughout the realm, guided by the virtue of Spirituality. Rangers are well-versed in woods lore and fight fiercely with most weapons, but shun all but leather armour. They are also proficient magic users and faultless trackers in any wilderness.

- from The History of Britannia (Ultima IV)


With the coming of the druids, should I be successful in recruiting them to establish a grove in the Abyss, we will of course also welcome woodsmen of all types. I have often thought that rangers would be useful here to track down intruding predators, and their training in woods lore might enlighten us about some of the odd creatures we find.

- from Memoirs of Sir Cabirus (Ultima Underworld)

Rangers tend to be loners, solitary heroes schooled in woodcraft and natural lore. Experts in stealth and tracking, in the wilds they are deadly foes.

- from A Safe Passage Through Britannia (Ultima Underworld II)

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