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Pyros, from Ultima IX
Species: Elemental Titan
Ultima IX

Pyros is one of the four Elemental Titans of Pagan. He is the Titan of Fire, and also the most dangerous one. He also rules over the Daemons of Pagan. The school of magic connected to him is Sorcery, the magic of fire. Like his brother and sister Titans, Pyros is a servant of the Guardian. The Avatar puts an end to him in Ultima VIII.

Pyros and the other Titans became powerful when the Guardian tricked the Pagans to make them powerful through various means. In the war against the Zealans, he rained fire from the sky, and covered vast areas in lava, before assisting the Guardian into destroying most of the world.

After the Guardian moved on however, he came into conflict with the other Titans, but primarily Hydros, Titan of Water. Pyros demanded high prices for not devastating the land, but still occasionally allowed the volcano's eruption (one such eruption led to the creation of the Daemon's Crag). It ended when five Theurgists -- who later would became the Sorcerers -- trapped him with the help of the Tongue of Flames, forcing him to lend them a part of his powers.

In his rage, Pyros only wanted revenge over such an act against him. He had time and could wait. Centuries would pass until he finally saw his chance. When the Avatar placed the Tongue of Flames on the great pentagram in Ultima VIII, he was free once again! Pyros laughed in dark happiness, while letting the volcano erupt. But his happiness was only short lived; The Avatar confronted him in the Ethereal Void, using the Tongue of Flames to drain him of all power, seemingly destroying him once and for all.

Pyros however reappered in Ultima IX, where the Avatar summoned it with the help of the ghost of the sorcerer Malchir in order to enter the elemental planes that gave access to the Abyss.


The results of being severely underprepared for summoning Pyros.


  • Pyros is also known as the "Daemon King."
  • It is possible to sabotage the summoning ritual, resulting in Pagan's doom and the Avatar's death, punctuated by an ominous chuckle from the Guardian.
  • Malchir asks Pyros about the Sun of Pagan, but he denies any knowledge about that topic (logical if one knows his role in hiding it in the first place).
  • The dynamics of the relationships between the Titans are explained by Vardion: Pyros likes his brother Lithos, hates his sister Hydros, and has no quarrel with his sister Stratos.
  • Pyros' appearance in Ultima IX was originally conceived as a vision sent to Lord British by the Guardian. After rewrites and other restructuring, as covered in Development History of Ultima IX, he was controversially incorporated into the plot as an actual encounter.
  • He is voiced by Kirk Winterrowd.