The Protector is a weapon in Ultima VIII. When the Theurgist Veras visited a village in Pagan, Trolls raided it, and began eating the children. One mother attempted to defend her child however, holding only a knitting needle and crying to Stratos for help. Hearing her plea, Stratos transformed the needle into a mighty weapon, and the Trolls were slaughtered. Veras took the weapon back to Argentrock Isle, where its properties were discovered: It would vastly increase its wielder's defensive ability; thus, it was given the name Protector. The weapon was safely put away on the island.

Having read the book with this story in Ultima VIII, the Avatar searched in the catacombs under Argentrock Isle, until the hero found a closed off building. After the hero opened it with a spell, the Protector was discovered within. It is unknown what happened to the weapon after the Avatar left Pagan for Britannia.

Lore Edit

My dearest Prevan, I regret to tell you that I will not be home from this visit as soon as I had thought. My healing services will be needed here for some time as a terrible thing has happened to this small village. Two nights ago, as I had just finished my evening rituals, I heard a horrible commotion from the town square. I ran out to see what the trouble was, only to find the town overrun by trolls. The trolls had come in search of their favorite meal, human children.
From house to house they went, ripping doors off and brushing aside the men as if they were no more than flies. Mothers wailed as babes were torn from their breasts and fathers cried in anguish as one by one their children were eaten alive. The bloody procession went on and on, and I fear the screams and sobs will ring in my darkest dreams forever.And then, a miracle occured. From the final house, came not a cry of torment, but one of victory. We raced down the street to the house. We found the inside strewn with the bodies of the trolls and there in the middle stood Nehdra, a young woman who had just given birth a few days before. She had her newborn clutched in one arm, in the other was a magnificent golden sword.
She told us that as the trolls burst in, she had grabbed the only weapon she had, a knitting needle, and had cried out to Stratos to protect her child. Instantly, in answer to her plea, the great Stratos turned the needle into a magnificent sword. She said the sword fairly danced in her hand, slaying the trolls left and right until none were left alive.While I can find some solace in the miracle Stratos performed, I am afraid the task ahead of me is almost overwhelming. I do what I can to ease the hurts, but wounds of the mind Stratos gives no power to heal.
I will stay until I have done all I can, then I will carry the sword, now called 'Nehdra's Needle' to Argentrock Isle. There I will prepare a small shrine for it in the catacombs beneath the monastery.I do miss you, my love, and ask that you watch over our dear little Stellos until I can return. It is sad his mother must be away from him so soon after his birth, but I must serve where I am needed. I am sure you understand. All my love, Veras.

- from Journal of Veras the Healer (Ultima VIII)

Trivia Edit

  • While the weapon only does as much damage as a normal sword, it grants +4 Dexterity and +5 to the Armor Class of the user.
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