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If a spellcaster isn't available and a magical effect is needed fast, potions are a practical resource. Drinking these vials of colored liquid has the same effect as the corresponding magic spell, yet can be used even in environments where magic doesn't work. Potions can be bought at an apothecary.

Potions first appeared in Ultima V. After that, they didn't change, apart from what is listed below. In Ultima IX, the system of potions was altered significantly. Also, a special potion called Serpentwyne appeared.

The potions are color-coded as follows:

Potion Effect
Yellow Lesser Heal
Red Cure from all poisons
Green Poison
Blue Makes a person fall asleep
Orange Makes a person awaken
Black Invisibility
White Creates light*
Purple Creates a temporary protection halo
  • Originally, white potions were X-Ray, but after an infamous peeping-tom case, this function was outlawed and changed.

On Serpent Isle, two additional potions appear:

An array of potions

  • Red-yellow shimmering: Partial mana-boost.
  • Black-Blue: Keeps a person warm in the cold north.

On Pagan, the potions have different uses:

Potion Effect
Yellow Lesser Heal
Red Full Heal (If healthy, causes damage)
Green Poison
Blue Makes a person (yourself) fall asleep
Orange Partial mana boost
Black Invisibility
Purple Temporary invulnerability

In Ultima IX, potions are as follows:

Potion Effect Reagent
Red Cure Poison Garlic
Yellow Heal Ginseng
Blue Water Breathing Blood Moss
Orange Mana Recovery Spider Silk
Green Poison Nightshade
Purple Invulnerability Mandrake Root
White Infernal Armour Sulfurous Ash
Black Invisibility Black Pearl
  • In Ultima IX, potions can be distilled using the appropriate reagent and an alchemy set.