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The Pocket Watch is a very useful tool. Brought to Britannia by the Avatar, it can tell the owner the precise time, anywhere, anytime, without being dependent on the sun or any other less-accurate means. Conveniently, the Pocket Watch never stops working.

The Pocket Watch first appeared in Ultima V, when the Avatar brought it to Britannia. It wasn't seen in Ultima VI, but the day indicator implies that the Avatar has it (and Shamino proves this true later). The Pocket Watch in Martian Dreams had to be a different one, otherwise Raxachk would have known where the Avatar was from.

In Ultima VII, Shamino returned the watch to the Avatar, who had forgotten to take it along when returning to Earth after Ultima VI. Fissif stole the Pocket Watch in Ultima Underworld II, but returned it to the Avatar after being caught. The watch was last seen in Ultima VII Part Two. It is unknown what happened to it after that.


  • In Ultima VII, more than one Pocket Watch can be found.