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A group of multi-species adventurers.

Beginning with Ultima I in the First Age of Darkness, players had a choice of several races for their character. These additional races faded from view after Ultima IV, but some reappeared in later installments.

The full list of races, and when they were available, is as follows:

  • Humans: The dominant species of all Ultima games.
  • Elves: A legendary race, they were playable in Ultima I, II, and III. They made excellent Thieves. After a few "honorable mentions" in the series, they resurfaced in the Mondain's Legacy expansion for Ultima Online. They were also to be a playable race in the cancelled Ultima X.
  • Dwarves: A hardy folk, these stocky humanoids were also an option in Ultima I, II, and III. A species of powerful fighters, they reappeared as mountain-folk in the first Ultima Underworld, but not as a playable race.
  • Bobbits: These diminutive humanoids were available as a playable race in Ultimas I-III, and many were insightful clerics during this time, when that profession was still abundant.
  • Fuzzies: Furry and smaller than bobbits, the fuzzy race was an available PC race only in Ultima III. Great wizards and thieves, no records of them after the fall of Exodus exist. They appear similar to emps, but this may only be coincidental.
  • Gargoyles: This widely-misunderstood race of daemon-like humanoids first became a playable race in the Stygian Abyss expansion for Ultima Online. Although their kind first appeared in Ultima V (although the solitary member of the race was mistaken for a daemon even then), they were not a playable race in any of the single-player Ultimas. However, a gargoyle called Beh Lem could join the Avatar's party in Ultima VI. They were scheduled to be a playable race in the cancelled Ultima X.


The lands of Sosaria are populated by a diversity of races as varied as the elements. From the tiniest Bobbit to the most towering human, our folk show a strength of character unknown in other parts of the world. Until the coming of the foul Mondain, our folk lived in harmony and worked together in the true spirit of comrade-ship.

- from The First Age of Darkness (Ultima I)

Playable Races
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