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The Plateau, home of Mythran

Description and History[]

A monster-infested, remote area of Morgaelin, which only can be reached through a cave. Not much actually exists there, except of the house of the mage and scholar Mythran. Otherwise the Plateau is an empty place. However, strange things seem to go one there, as mysterious lights were seen a number of times.

The magical hammer Bonecrusher can be found hidden in the Plateau.


This crag that overlooks the city supports a small hut, home to the mysterious Mythran. Covered with a few groves of trees, the area is remarkably nondescript, and Mythran has done little to change the flora and fauna other than construct his unusual abode. It is said that this is where to find information no others could possibly know.

- from The Chronicle of Pagan (Ultima VIII)



  • The entrance to the Lost Vale is there as well, but since it was never finished, the door in the cave is locked and leads to nothing at all.
  • Reports of strange balls of light imply that the Xorinite Wisps visit the Plateau and Mythran from time to time. Sadly this was not implemented in the final game.
  • Hints gathered from the usecode suggest that the Tree of Balance, Elerion, might have been located at the Plateau before it was removed due plot cuts.

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