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Plate Armour Male - Female

The armour for the expert warrior! Plate armour is the best conventional armour available, and its characteristics are truly impressive. Only the strongest weapons can even make a dent in this armour, as its protection is so great. Any fighter expecting to see heavy combat should make use of plate armour. There are some drawbacks: it is heavy, highly expensive, and rarely-produced. This in turn means only the strongest, most well-off fighters are seen in this armour.

First appearing in Ultima I, more parts were gradually introduced to the plate armour. By Ultima VII, the full set of plate armour was available.

Defensive Values[]

Piece Defense Value
Chest 4
Great Helm 4
Leggings 3
Gorget 3

For the other body parts, pieces from other armour classes have to be used, because they don't exist in a plate variant in Ultima VII.

  • In Ultima IX, defensive values are as follows:
Piece Defense Value
Helm 6
Chest 18
Arms 11
Gauntlets 6
Leggings 8
Boots 6


The aristocrat of the armourer's craft, plate affords more protection than any other conventional armour. Each suit is tailor made to thy shape. The cost is naturally sizable, but the effect is inspiring. A favorite among Paladins. As is the case with weaponry, rumors abound of magical armour that will withstand the breath of a dragon. But, who knows? Perhaps these are but rumors spread by orcs to lure fighters into illusory searches resulting in death.

- from History of Britannia (Ultima IV)

Custom made from hand-forged sheets of metal, plate armour affords its wearer the most complete protection possible. However, it is very expensive and can be borne only by the strongest.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

Plate mail affords the finest protection, as a mailed warrior can lead the vanguard of any charge. Yet, it is extremely expensive to have a suit of mail tailored. Those who make the investment do not regret it.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)