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Pincher, from Ultima III manual
Variants: Bradle, Snatch
Only appearance: Ultima III

Pinchers are small but very dangerous monsters, appearing somewhat like two-legged beetles. While they cause only little physical damage, their bite is extremely poisonous and the venom works its way quickly to the heart. If there isn't a healer or a cure spell available, this can spell certain doom for the adventurer!

Pinchers (and their cousins bradles and snatchs) are mostly found in forested areas, but can be encountered anywhere.

This strange species disappeared after the fall of Exodus.


Any bite from these creatures is poisonous. If a character is bitten, only a Prayer or a Healer, can cure the poison that is running in thy character's vein. Every step the character takes, lowers the character's hit level by one. If thou art far from a Healer, thou dost travel with a walking dead man.

- from The Book of Play (Ultima III)