This table shows all the possible Party Members in Ultima VII Part Two. Note this only includes real companions and not short trips like Sethys, Selina and Mortegro.

Portrait Name Class Where to find Starting Stats
Iolo SI Iolo Bard Right from the start. STR 15, DEX 24, INT 24, COMBAT 16
Sham1 Shamino Ranger Right from the start. STR 19, DEX 23, INT 12, COMBAT 18
Dupre SI Dupre Paladin Right from the start. STR 22, DEX 20, INT 13, COMBAT 18
Gwenno Gwenno Bard Monk Isle, after Dupre's sacrifice. STR 24, DEX 20, INT 24, COMBAT 16
Patra Petra Automaton Moonshade, Blue Boar Inn after Bane attack (need to know about mind transfer). Never joins again if dismissed. STR 20, DEX 15, INT 20, COMBAT 7
Boydon Boydon None Isles of the Mad Mage after putting him together. Can't be resurrected. STR 30, DEX 12, INT 12, COMBAT 8
Wilfred Wilfred Fighter Inn of the Sleeping Bull after Bane attack, will leave after being injured. STR 20, DEX 15, INT 10, COMBAT 25
Stefano Stefano Thief Mountains of Freedom, leaves after escaping. STR 17, DEX 12, INT 19, COMBAT 2
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