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Magic Ability: 1/2
Bonus: middle STR light INT

The Way of the Paladin

These noble warriors hail from Trinsic, in the warm southern reaches of Britannia. There, the sworn oath can be taken at great value, and none fear betrayal, for the paladins live the virtue of Honor. Their deep beliefs in the value of good lend strength to their magic, which they wield with a certain flair. Paladins have a very strict code which they live by. They value this code above all things, including their own life. Paladins never steal or start petty squabbles. Because a paladin is so skilled and trustworthy, they are respected by everyone, and doubted by no one. They are a powerful and trustworthy companion on even the most perilous journey.

Years of training in arms has allowed the paladins to become proficient in most forms of combat, and they can masterfully wield even the heaviest halberd or two-handed sword. As well, no form of armour is too unwieldy for these honorable warriors. Their strong faith lends power to their magic, and they are unafraid of trusting themselves to enchanted arms or armour

In Ultima IX, the paladin receives +5 Karma, a chain coif, and a map of Trinsic as a starting bonus.


  • One of the most famous paladins in Britannia is Dupre.
  • Lucero is an example for a paladin who manages to regain his honor.
  • Sir Caradon is a paladin in Serpent's Hold in Ultima VI.


These great fighters live in the town of Trinsic in the southern part of Britannia. There, they live the way of the virtue of Honor. They are expert in all forms of combat and weapon use, and are one of the few professions that will make use of magical armour when it is available. Their deep beliefs in the value of good lend strength to their magic, which they wield with a certain flair. Paladins are thus very formidable opponents and highly valued allies.

- from The History of Britannia (Ultima IV)


I have lately regretted not encouraging immigration by members of this profession, as it might be useful to have colonists experienced in both magic and combat. It is well-known that paladins are formidable warriors and valued allies.

- from Memoirs of Sir Cabirus (Ultima Underworld)

Paladins are a specialized group of fighters, devoted to physical fighting on behalf of the cause of virtue. The ideological basis of their combat training lends them a heroic charisma which often wins others to their cause. Their courage and perseverance in the face of evil often wins them the victory, where warriors of less firm conviction fail.

- from A Safe Passage Through Britannia (Ultima Underworld II)

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