Outcasts, female and male

The Outcasts are humans in the failed colony of the Abyss that do not belong to any of the larger factions. They try to survive in the Abyss as best as possible by working together, although some prefer to live in islolation.

Even in the days of the functioning colony, Outcasts existed, removed from society because they didn't want to follow the strict rules that Sir Cabirus dictated. With the anarchy of the later years, they became mostly insignificant, and the Avatar met a number of them in Ultima Underworld I. Their only permanent settlement was found on the first level.

When the volcano of the Abyss erupted, Garamon saved them from certain death.

Known Outcasts Edit

Note that there are numerous outcasts who are generic and thus aren't listed here:

Outcast Group of Level 1

Other Outcasts

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