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Orlock, from Ultima VIII
Species: Human
Ultima VIII
Location: Tenebrae

Orlock is the owner of the Shattered Skull tavern in Tenebrae on Pagan.

Meeting him in Ultima VIII, Orlock was very fond of telling of his glorious past as a pirate, telling stories of how he'd gotten his hook, eyepatch and wooden leg. He also prided himself as a man who knows the other citizens well and knew lots about the surroundings of the city. Jenna told the Avatar not to believe a thing he said, and instead suggested asking him about the ghost-story. However, that story was real, and the Avatar went off to ask Gwillim and Corinth about it to find a mysterious armour.

Later, the Avatar returned with the "hear Truth" spell and found out what Orlock really did in his past. He'd never been a pirate, indeed never left Tenebrae. The eyepatch was fake, he'd been born missing one hand, and he'd lost his leg when the axe slipped while chopping wood. He knew few of the people, and most of his stories were from books in Bentic's library.


  • Orlock charged higher prices than Jenna.