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Lord Blackthorn, founder and leader of the Oppression.

The Oppression is an organization in Ultima V that opposes the Resistance against Blackthorn's regime, designed to root out any opposition to his rule. The members of the Oppression do everything to help their ruler, going deep to the dark side. After the end of Blackthorn's rule, the Oppression was no longer seen, most likely dissolved by Lord British.

The password of the Oppression is "IMPERA."

The Avatar could infiltrate the Oppression to get possession of the Black Badge. However, other than that, the Oppression had no significant part in the quest itself, as their members were rarely encountered and did not otherwise contribute to the quest.

In Ultima V: Lazarus, the Oppression is much improved and its presence is felt everywhere. There are many quests for the Oppression, and even an alternative ending, with Blackthorn winning.

Prominent Members Edit

How to join Edit

To join the Oppression, the followings steps must be taken:

  • Agreeing with Tactus that Blackthorn's rule is good.
  • Telling Judge Dryden that Tactus sent you.
  • Telling Flain that Dryden sent you and giving him what he wants.
  • Telling the password to Elistaria to get the Black Badge.

Technically, though, only the last step is necessary, since the password is always IMPERA and the only real benefit to joining the Oppression is the Black Badge.