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Some of the professions from before the Age of Enlightenment are no longer counted among the eight Major Professions, as first catalogued in Ultima IV. Some still exist today, but have changed significantly from their Sosarian incarnations.

One major difference amongst the spell-casting professions was the classification of their spells into two categories: Sorcery and Prayers. For more information, see Sosarian Magic.

The full list of available professions (and which installments they appeared in) at the end of the Age of Darkness is as follows:

Picture Profession Main Attributes Lore
Figh.gif Fighter
(U1, U2, U3)
Str The valiant fighters of the lands have changed little, adapting well to uncertain times.
Figh.gif Barbarian
Str+Dex Primitive warriors, they could use any weapon but scorned armor heavier than leather. They also knew a thing or two about avoiding traps and thievery.
Lark.gif Lark
Str+Int The predecessors of bards and jesters, larks studied Sorcery and were known to pick the odd pocket or loot an unguarded chest. They were trained in the use of all weapons, but only wore cloth armour.
Pala.gif Paladin
Str+Wis Another profession that escaped the Age of Darkness relatively unscathed, paladins changed their ways very little.
Ranger-U1.gif Ranger
(U1, U3)
S+D+I+W Rangers once added thievery to their repertoire, in addition to both Prayers and Sorcery. They changed their focus in the Age of Enlightenment to Spirituality, ending their occasionally larcenous ways. Evil rangers were actually first seen as an enemy in Ultima I, but disappeared until Ultima III.
Thie.gif Thief
(U1, U2, U3)
Dex Once highly-sought out masters of stealth, rumors have it that at least one thief participated in bringing Exodus to justice. By the time the promotion of the Eight Virtues had become widespread, the Guild of Thieves was driven from Britannia... but those who know where to look can still find a thief if they need one.
Wiz.gif Illusionist
Dex+Wis These somewhat odd casters studied clerical magic (although they were not as powerful as fully-trained clerics) and the thiefly arts as well. Like druids, they were limited to wielding a mace and wearing cloth armor at best.
Wiz.gif Alchemist
Dex+Int Dabblers in Sorcery, their skill was about half that of other wizards. They also had a tendency towards skullduggery, but not as great as the thief.
Wiz.gif Wizard
(U1, U2, U3)
Int The pinnacle of training in the Sorcerous arts, wizards probably gained the most from the new, streamlined ways of magic. They otherwise function today much as they did in the past, only following newer, more-refined rules.
Cleric.gif Druid
Wis+Int Prior to the Age of Enlightenment, druids studied both Prayers and Sorcery, and were known to recover more quickly from extended periods of spellcasting. Their weapons and armor choices were much more strict, limited to mace and cloth armor at best.
Cleric.gif Cleric
(U1, U2, U3)
Wis These living spiritual conduits could literally return life to those turned to ashes. They were known to carry maces and usually wore chain mail. It is not known what came of this once-abundant profession after the fall of Exodus.


Thief - Whilst not a profession held in the highest esteem among those charged with maintaining the public order, thieving is a trade that often serves the adventurer well. Many of the explorer's finds are guarded by clever and devious traps that require nimble fingers and a dexterous hand. Larceny and the opening of locks comes much easier for the thief than for other mortals, for they who follow this occupation are endowed with exceptional agility.
Fighter - The rigorous training involved in learning to become a fighter results in a stronger, more agile adventurer. The knowledge acquired during this period permits the fighter to use virtually every kind of weapon that might be found in Sosaria.
Cleric - A profession suited to those who are of an introspective nature, the study of the ways of the cleric requires patience and results in a good deal of wisdom. Such is their calm and concentration that at no time will the proper spell cast by a cleric fail to attain its desired result.
Wizard - To become a wizard in our Realm, one must study long and diligently, poring over ancient writings and dusty tomes. Mastery of the arcane arts comes not easily, yet such training hones the intellect to a superior edge! The fruits all the long years of discipline are deemed to be worth the effort, however, for only the wizard may purchase the necessary supplies for the casting of the more powerful enchantments.

- from The First Age of Darkness (Ultima I)


Thief - An ordinary human pickpocket, the thief would rather snitch than fight. Always check your inventory [Z] after being confronted by a thief.
Fighter - Humanoid and strong, fighters carry something you need during your quest.
Cleric - Men of the cloth carry their crosses and proselytize, but are not always good or wise.
Wizard - With magical staff in hand, wizards enjoy throwing magic missiles that do tremendous damage.

- from The Second Age of Darkness (Ultima II)