The messed-up Realm of the Gargoyles


Wandering on the map

Oddities in Savage Empire describes things in the game that are obvious remnants of the game being created using the Ultima VI engine.

Realm of the Gargoyles still in the Game Edit

Indeed, it seems that the developers were so pressed for time, that the game is mostly a mod for Ultima VI. This is most obvious when using a map viewer to look at the dungeon levels. Despite there only being three dungeon levels in the game, there are actually five maps. This is because they are a remnant of the original Ultima VI, which had that many levels.

Map number four is uninteresting, since it is completely empty. However, map number five is actually the Realm of the Gargoyles! The programmers left this map in the game, devoid of all objects. Of course, since the tiles have all changed in the game, the map looks like a complete mess, but the basic structure still can be seen.

To actually access the map, the player has to cheat to teleport into it. However, nothing of worth can be found in it.

No Headwear Edit

Another remnant is the slot for a helmet. In Savage Empire, there is no headwear at all, so this inventory slot is completely useless. However, since it is hardcoded in the engine, it remains. In Martian Dreams, they did find a use for the slot.

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