The Obelisk

The Obelisk of Pagan is a very powerful magical object. Not only is it capable of giving strength and power to other magical beings, but it is a gateway to other worlds; essentially, a Black Moongate.

The Obelisk was built by the Pagans of Blackrock at the Guardian's orders, to "create" the Titans to protect them from the "Destroyer." In reality, its purpose was to strengthen the Guardian's four elemental lackeys. After its creation, the Guardian ordered the Titans to travel through the Black Gate into Pagan and destroyed the gate, erasing all evidence of his involvement.

The Obelisk was smashed into five fragments: The Obelisk Tip, Tongue of Flames, Tear of Seas, Heart of Earth and Breath of Air.

It was the Avatar who recovered the fragments and pulled the Titans' power into them, recreating the Obelisk in the Ethereal Void in order to leave Pagan. The Obelisk led the Avatar to the Hallway of Worlds, which allowed the hero's return to Britannia.

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