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Nixie, from Ultima IV manual
Only appearance: Ultima IV

Water-based relatives of the Elves of old, Nixies have been known to harass travelers near the shores as well as those at sea. Whether or not they are truly evil, they are highly aggressive towards strangers, thus making them very dangerous. They are often seen with Seahorses and other, larger creatures of the ocean.

They can be found in any depth of water, from shallows to the open sea.

Nixies appear only in Ultima IV, apparently content to remain beneath the waves in later times.


These aquatic first cousins of the ancient race of Elves rise from the depths to strike terror into the hearts of seafarers. The evil Nixies wield sharp tridents which can be hurled against a ship's crew from afar, causing great damage.

- from The History of Britannia (Ultima IV)

Notable Examples[]