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Nikolai Lenin
Nikolai Lenin, from Martian Dreams
Species: Human
Martian Dreams
Location: Elysium

Nikolai Lenin (1870-1924)

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Lenin, born Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, was the most influential Communist thinker of his day. The Russian revolutionary, and founder of the Bolshevik party, first studied the teachings of Karl Marx in 1889, while a university student. In 1907, two years after the failure of the first Russian revolution, Lenin left the country, but continued the struggle to bring Marxism to his homeland from abroad. In 1917, he returned to lear a successful revolution which left him in charge of a new Soviet government. He led the USSR until his death in 1924. Lenin's dream of a world in which all members of society shared ownership of property and in which wealth was distributed equitably found curious expression during his experience on Mars.

- from Time Travel (Worlds of Ultima: Martian Dreams)