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Nicodemus, from Ultima VII
Species: Human
Ultima VII
Location: Yew

Nicodemus is a very powerful and old mage living near Yew, who assists the Avatar during Ultima VI and Ultima VII. He also regularly talks with the Time Lord through his enchanted hourglass.

The Avatar met Nicodemus the first time in Ultima VI in his house in the Deep Forest. Nicodemus sold him the usual repertoire of spells and reagents, and as well was the only mage capable of selling the very powerful magical staves.

When the Guardian began to disturb the magic in Britannia, Nicodemus was affected as well, and went mad, selling his Hourglass after it lost its enchantment. He was still that way when the Avatar met him again in Ultima VII, where he still offered his usual services. Actually, Nicodemus had locked himself into his house in his last clear moments to prevent any real damage coming from him.

However, when the Avatar needed him to re-enchant the hourglass to breach the barrier around the Sphere Generator, Nicodemus was unable to do so because of his madness. Only after the destruction of the Tetrahedron Generator, he regained his sanity and was able to help the Avatar by renewing the enchantment.


  • Nicodemus also wrote a book about the game Knight's Bridge.
  • In Ultima VI it is said that the blue star on the brow means that Nicodemus acknowledges someone as worthy. Funnily enough, he himself loses his blue star by Ultima VII.