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The sheep herds of New Magincia

New Magincia is the city dedicated to the virtue of Humility. Built on the lessons of the past, it is famous for its shepherds with their herds of sheep.

The city lies on the island of the same name in the midst of the ocean, east of Buccaneer's Den. The city is quiet and peaceful, with the inhabitants enjoying the quiet, far away from the busy life of the mainland. It is a somewhat forgotten place, sometimes even the Britannian Tax Council doesn't come for years to collect the taxes.

The city has two sights. One is Alagner's Storehouse in the north, a clever maze of tricks. Once it belonged to Alagner, but after his murder, it became vacant. The other is the Greenhouse of the flower market in the south.

The economy of the city is mostly dedicated to the export of sheep wool into the rest of Britannia. Being an island, the city has a shipwright. Also for travelers, a combined tavern/inn, the Modest Damsel, is available at the docks. Otherwise, not much can be bought on New Magincia.

A Moongate on the south of the island ensures fast transportation to the mainland.

History of the City[]

The original city of Magincia was destroyed by daemons for the pride of its inhabitants. After the ghosts of old Magincia were finally put to rest, the city of New Magincia was built on its ruins. It was finished just prior to Ultima V, small and humble. Like all the cities of virtue, the Shadowlords haunted it regularly. Many of the residents had Japanese names.

After that time, New Magincia changed little in Ultima VI and Ultima VII, mostly because the inhabitants decided to keep things small, and the island location prevented much city growth. During the time of Ultima VI, New Magincia was big in the weaving trade.

In the time of Ultima VII, Alagner had erected his storehouse on the island. He was brutally murdered shortly after by the Fellowship, a crime that terrorized the otherwise peaceful island to the core.

All people had left New Magincia, with exception of Katrina, in Ultima IX, and it was in ruins. With the column removed, people are expected to return.


A towne built on the ruins of old Magincia by a colony of humble people who understand well the dangers of false, self-serving pride and the beauty of humility. New Magincia has a healer and a restaurant tucked among its numerous modest farms and orchards.

- from Book of Lore (Ultima V)

Having been destroyed in ancient times for its haughty pride, New Magincia was rebuilt by a more humble people who favored the simple ways of farming and rural life. With the passage of time, an industrious village has grown atop the ruins of the old town. Those who would revel in their own pride should take special note of the lesson of New Magincia.

- from Compendium (Ultima VI)

New Magincia is known as the City of Humility, and hence it chooses to remain isolated from much of the rest of Britannia. If thou venture there, thou will find that the people are basically shy, but also warm and hospitable once they have gotten used to thee. The city is located on an eastern island well past most of the main trade routes. Time progresses more slowly in New Magincia than anywhere else in Britannia. The economy of New Magincia is based on shipbuilding, horticulture and raising sheep.

- from The Book of Fellowship (Ultima VII)

Some cities, such as New Magincia, were relatively untouched by the devastation. Others fared far worse.

- from A Safe Passage Through Britannia (Ultima Underworld II)

The city of Magincia, once the greatest city of Britannia, fell to the sin of pride, and from its remains were drawn the lessons with which to build New Magincia. Founded by the shepherds of the old town who sought to remove themselves far from the influence of a shameful history, New Magincia offered a quiet place to live for those who sought continuity and simplicity in life. Humility became New Magincians defining trait, as they sought to return to the values of their forebears. Little changed in the crystalline homes of New Magincia, and the people preferred it that way. Yet it appears that the modern world has found the current of their isolated isle. The humble shepherds have abandoned their flocks in pursuit of grander dreams in other places. Animals run free along the dirt paths, as the island has been abandoned, save one. Only the most humble will live in New Magincia.

- from Journal (Ultima IX)


Ultima IV[]

New Magincia did not exist at the time of Ultima IV. For a list of the inhabitants of the ruins of Magincia during Ultima IV, see inhabitants of Magincia.

Ultima V[]

New Magincia level 1

New Magincia level 2

Ultima VI[]

Map of New Magincia in Ultima VI

Ultima VII[]

Map of New Magincia in Ultima VII

Ultima IX[]

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