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Nanna, from Ultima Underworld II
Species: Human
Ultima Underworld II
Location: Castle Britannia

Nanna is an elderly woman responsible for the nursery in Castle Britannia, who is deeply unhappy with the state of things in Britannia.

In Ultima VII, she first talked about her job and the various children in the nursery. Only after getting known the Avatar a little better did she revealed how deeply unsettled she was with how things in Britannia were. The rich got richer and the poor poorer and the Britannian Tax Council was an instrument of oppression. That was why she had joined the Fellowship, hoping that they could change things.

However, she was deeply disappointed once it was revealed that the Fellowship was an evil organisation controlled by the Guardian, although that didn't stop her from following her goal of a better society.

When the castle was closed off in Ultima Underworld II, she revealed that the children were with Boots and Sherry the Mouse in Paws, which was a relief for her. However, she also was very unhappy with how Lord British treated his servants, and became more and more agitated and rude, until she had had enough and called out a servant's strike. Listening to her story, the Avatar agreed that her grievances were well founded and went to Lord British to speak on the servants' behalf. Lord British, after some time to think, realised that things in Britannia had really went wrong and decided to change the laws. The news that finally things would change made Nanna happy, and she ended the strike.


  • Nanna reveals during Underworld II that the Guardian tries to influence her by telling her that under him, her wish for a fair society would be fulfilled. However, she rejects him, knowing that he is a megalomaniac.